STEP 1: Create better dubs with dubsuite

With dubsuite you can shoot, edit and share great videos simply and easily. Add text, images and rights-free music all ready for commercial use to create brilliant videos and then share them on your social feeds or on your website. All this entirely from your iPhone.


*Use dubsuite free of charge with no hidden fees or ads.


*Use dubsuite free of charge with no hidden fees or ads.


STEP 2: Make your videos shoppable with dubcandy

Take any video you currently have in your mobile phone camera library and add up to 5 product tags to it. And If you’re already using dubsuite to make your sweet videos, you can upload them straight from the app.


*Use dubcandy free of charge with no hidden fees or ads.


*Use dubcandy free of charge with no hidden fees or ads.

How do I get started? With dubdub and dubU!

Come shoot with the latest tech and check out the newest products at our dubloft creator space. We’re here to help! If you’d like to go the extra mile and take your videos to new heights book your appointment now! We’re already open in Toronto and New York with LA and Montreal opening soon.
With dubU we offer free courses from industry pros to help guide you through the creation process and offer tips and tricks to help make you a video pro.
Already a video master? Grab dubsuite and dubcandy here.





Book your dubloft spot now.


Branded Video

We can match your video creations to brands you love. Working with our partner agency Hypertly we’ll help you become the hottest influencer out there.


Shoppable Video

Our tech dubcandy makes your videos shoppable! Your viewers can now purchase items directly from your creations and you earn cash right away. It’s that easy.


Social Commerce

We give you the data from your creations to help you better optimize your videos and track your sales. Using deep linking with dubcandy videos, we can measure and track CTRs, clicks to buy, product clicks, shopping habits and more.

Brands we’re working with.

Some of the brands that are using our dubdub products and services.

And if I want to email you?

Well, we always prefer chatting but we understand that sometimes email’s better. We’ll try not to take it personally.

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