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The Application

What is dubcandy?

dubcandy is a mobile application that lets you turn video content into shoppable videos. That means that viewers can now buy directly, conveniently and easily straight from your videos.

Is dubcandy free to use?

100%. If you’re a private individual dubcandy is absolutely free. It’s also free if you are a representative of a company and wish to add delicious dubcandy to your own products from your Amazon store, but you need to contact sales@dubdub.com to obtain our free commercial license.

Is there a desktop version of dubcandy?

dubcandy is only available on mobile in the App Store and Google Play. That amazing device you can’t bear to be separated from. After all, its not like you carry your laptop everywhere do you?

How do I get started using dubcandy?
  • Start with downloading the application from the App Store or Google Play.
  • Watch this helpful Overview video.
  • Sign up to create an account with us.

Our friends in Legal have asked us to ensure that everyone reads the Terms of Service as well.

After that, you’re good to go and add dubcandy to your videos.


Note that you are not currently allowed to use dubcandy (A) in the following countries: Iran, Syria, North Korea and Afghanistan – and in the following US states under the Amazon.com program: Arkansas, Missouri, Rhode Island, Vermont; or (B) if you are a publisher that has previously had an Associates account terminated by Amazon for any reason.

How do I sign up for an account on dubcandy?

An account is created using a valid email address that you specify.

We offer two ways to create an account:

  • Facebook Connect will automatically sign you up with an account using your email address associated with your Facebook account; OR
  • Use our sign up process to specify an email address you want to create an account with.


Note that you are not currently allowed to use dubcandy (A) in the following countries: Iran, Syria, North Korea and Afghanistan – and in the following US states under the Amazon.com program: Arkansas, Missouri, Rhode Island, Vermont; or (B) if you are a publisher that has previously had an Associates account terminated by Amazon for any reason.

I already have a dubsuite account associated with my email address, do I need to sign up for another account to use dubcandy?

No, your email address used for the dubsuite account can be used to log in into dubcandy.

I already have a dubsuite account, but I don’t remember my password, how do I login into dubcandy?

Use the “forgot your password” feature when you Log in into dubcandy to recover your password.

What stores can viewers shop from?

Currently dubcandy supports products on Amazon.com, Amazon.ca & Amazon.co.uk. Stay tuned as we open dubcandy to other stores shortly.


Note that there may be some products that cannot be shipped to your region. Please review this exclusions list from Amazon to ensure the products you’re tagging can be delivered to your customers.


For a more comprehensive list, you can review the Amazon Global page which highlights what products and categories can be shipped internationally.

What currency does dubcandy operate in?

USD, CAD and GBP at this time.

Are there any limits to the length of video imported on dubcandy?

dubcandy will not allow importing a video of less than 5 seconds. You can import video of any length however be warned the longer your video, the longer it will take to import and ultimately publish. It is also important to note that some compelling studies suggest that after 80 to 90 seconds, 80-90 percent of your viewers will move on to something else.

Where can I import my videos from?

dubcandy currently allows you to import videos from these locations:

  1. Your mobile device
  2. dubsuite
What does it mean that I can import my video from dubsuite?

If you have published videos using our video editing and sharing application dubsuite before, you can import any of those published videos directly into dubcandy.

Are there any other constraints on the videos I can use dubcandy on?

Not if you make it fun, interesting, informative and valuable to your viewers. After all you’re gonna want viewers to click on these and buy something.

Sure enough, there are some restrictions in our Terms of Service and those of the ecommerce stores.

We also screen dubcandy content and will inform you if your content does not comply with our Terms of Service. Please reach out to us at dubcandysupport@dubdub.com if you have any doubts about the appropriateness of your video content.

I have published videos using dubsuite before and I am trying to import them into dubcandy but I can’t see my videos ? OR I can’t ‘Import from dubsuite’

It could be due to two reasons:

  • The email address you used to Log into dubcandy may not be the same as the email address that you used to Log into your dubsuite account. Try the following steps:
  • Log in into dubsuite and verify that you do have published videos in dubworld
  • Log out of dubcandy (through My Account)
  • Log back into dubcandy with the same email address as you did in (2) and try ‘Import from dubsuite’
  • You may have used Facebook connect to Log into dubcandy and the email address associated with your Facebook account is different from the email address used to Log into dubsuite. Try the following steps:
    • Log out of dubcandy (through My Account)
    • Log back into dubcandy with the same email address as you did in (2) and try ‘Import from dubsuite’

IMPORTANT REMINDER – you need to have used the same email address as your account for both dubsuite and dubcandy in order to access your published dubsuite videos from dubcandy.

Do I need to have dubsuite installed on my phone to use dubcandy?

No you don’t but it’s a bit like only having salt and not pepper on your table. dubcandy and dubsuite are a perfect 1-2 punch for making great shoppable video content right there in your mobile.

Conveniently dubsuite is also free from the Apple App Store too, except for certain very specific use cases where a commercial license may be required from us.

How can I use dubsuite to create dubcandy videos faster?

Watch our dubsuite Overview video which gives you some nifty suggestions.

If you’re unfamiliar with the awesomeness that is dubsuite, then hustle over to www.dubdub.com for a gander (and opportunity to download it).

Is there a version of dubsuite available for Android?

Sorry, no dubsuite on Android just yet. We did want you to have dubcandy though so that is available.

We recommend following us on Facebook (@dubdubstories) so we can tell you when an Android dubsuite will be released.

I can’t seem to get dubcandy to work. Do you offer support?

Sorry about that. We definitely have support. Either via Live Chat in the application (in My Account) or, alternatively, here are the Support team’s hours

What products can I tag and make “shoppable” on my video?

Almost all products available on the Amazon.com, Amazon.ca and Amazon.co.uk store can be tagged on your video. See https://affiliate-program.amazon.com/help/operating/exclusions for excluded products.

BETA release note: digital products cannot, at this time, be tagged on dubcandy. We will update you when they can be.

For a more comprehensive list, you can review the Amazon Global page which highlights what products and categories can be shipped internationally.

I know a product is available on Amazon but I cannot find in your through your search feature in dubcandy?

Currently certain products such as those that are distributed through digital means or free applications cannot be found through our product search. We are working very hard to make our search comprehensive, however if you cannot find a certain product through our search, please contact our Support Team.

How do I ensure I tag the right product in dubcandy?

Great question. There are a lot of very similar products on Amazon so tagging the right one is key. We always recommend searching for the specific 10-digit ASIN number, if you know it, or be very specific when searching Amazon from dubcandy.

When I search for an Amazon products through dubcandy, why do I notice, on certain occasions, a difference between the price displayed on the dubcandy search result and the price displayed on the Amazon website?

As Amazon prices change very frequently, we cannot guarantee that the price that you observe on the dubcandy product result will be reflect at the time of purchase. For that reason, your viewers will not see the price on any product tagged on a dubcandy video until they are redirected to the Amazon store.

I already sell on Amazon, can I tag my own products on dubcandy?

Awesomeness. Absolutely then, go for itYou can tag your own products on dubcandy, however for that particular use you need to contact sales@dubdub.com to obtain your free commercial license.

Can I tag a product that I’m not showing or talking about in my video?

If you mean a newer, slicker, better version of the product, sure you can if it is available on Amazon. Of course, we have to caution you that viewers of your video will always expect you to be truthful, accurate and authentic in whatever you’re selling.

Where are my published dubcandy videos stored?

Similar to dubsuite published videos, your published dubcandy videos are stored on the dubworld cloud and content delivery network.

How do I access my published dubcandy videos ?

You can access all of your published dubcandy videos on the mobile app in the My Videos section. You can also view your published videos online on your unique dubdub URL: sharing.dubdub.com/[your-username]

Where can I share my published dubcandy videos ?

We encourage you to share your dubcandy videos on all of your active social channels. The mobile app currently allows social sharing of your dubcandy videos to Facebook and Twitter. Additionally through native sharing, you can also share your dubcandy videos to other applications and sites, except on those that do not allow affiliate marketing posts. Please comply at all times with the terms of service and policies of these social networks, applications and sites.

Can I embed my dubcandy video on any website?

Yes, we have made it easy for you to do that by providing you an embed code that allows you to embed the iframe with the video into any website that you control.

However your site must not be one of the following, according to the stipulations from our friends at Amazon:

(A)  any deal and coupon site (i.e., any site that is focused primarily on posting deals, discounts, or discount or coupon codes of various online retailers);

(B)  any rebate site (i.e., any site that provides its end customers with an effective discount in points, cash back, donation to a charity or other third party, etc. in exchange for shopping through their links);

(D)  any site that displays products sold through the Amazon Site in a false, misleading, or otherwise objectionable manner (e.g., by only displaying the highest price at which a given product is offered through the Amazon Site);

(E)  any site that primarily promotes free eBooks ;

(F)  any television set-top box (e.g., digital video recorders, cable or satellite boxes, streaming video players, blu-ray players, or dvd players), or any Internet-enabled television (e.g., GoogleTV, Sony Bravia, Panasonic Viera Cast, or Vizio Internet Apps);

(G)  any site that promotes a single Product (or a limited group of Products) for which the data, images, text, links, and other information are primarily Content or are otherwise sourced directly from other third-party sites, including the Amazon Sites, without the addition of original content (including user-generated content) or independent aggregation or comparison tools or other similar functionalities;

(H)    any publisher that has previously had an Associates account terminated by Amazon for any reason (including if Amazon has previously terminated a Tracking ID corresponding to such Publisher);

(I)   any site that is an “unsuitable site” as described in Section 2 of the Operating Agreement (such as sites that promote violence, discrimination, illegal activities, etc.);

(J)  any publisher that is a resident of any jurisdiction for which participation in the Program is prohibited, as described in Section 2 of the Operating Agreement (i.e., ME, VT, MO, RI, AR, and LA); or

(K) any other site that dubdub considers unsuited for dubcandy Content.

How will my viewers watch my dubcandy videos?

Published dubcandy videos are viewed through our dubcandy video player in a mobile or web browser.

I have noticed that my published dubcandy videos are not playing?

Our video player is supported on both Safari and Chrome on the web. And we always suggest that users have the lastest versions installed.

Our video player is not currently supported on IE and Firefox.

We are working hard to improve your user experience on popular internet browsers and on mobile web browsers.

When my viewers click a product to buy from my dubcandy video what happens?

The viewer will be taken to the product page on Amazon.com or Amazon.ca where they can purchase and checkout.

Can I add My Music to a dubcandy video?

Usually not, unless you are the owner of that music or have been authorized by its right holder(s) to use such music for commercial purposes. However, you can always use our royalty free music library (dubsound) in dubsuite. Try it out!

How do I know that a product from my dubcandy video has been purchased?

In My Videos, each dubcandy video has details that indicates Total Earnings and Earnings by tagged products. We are working on getting better at notifying you when your videos had generated sales.

How do I track which dubcandy videos or products are selling better?

Excellent question. We know that tracking, testing and optimizing videos that are selling well is critical for everyone. In the dubcandy app, you can track in both My Stats and My Videos. Both areas give you a comprehensive tracker of performance, views and click-throughs.

The Business Model

How can I make money on dubcandy?

Whenever a viewer buys from one of your dubcandy videos, you will earn a commission on that sale as long as it is considered a Qualifying Purchase, as further described here and subject to our Terms of Service.

Amazon commission rates usually vary between 1% and 10% of the selling price depending on the products you sell. Some commissions rates are fixed such as bounties available on certain products. Of the commission dubdub receives, dubdub pays the content creator 75%, subject to the provisions of our Terms of Service and our commercial license.

For a more detailed breakdown of commission rates, please refer to Amazon advertising fees and dubdub commissions, which may change at any time without notice.

How many products can I sell from my videos?

At present you can add up to FIVE tags in any one video. That means you’ve plenty of great products for you to make money from.

Can I click on my own dubcandy tags and buy my tagged products, or ask a friend to buy it for me, to reduce my purchase price with the commissions I get from dubcandy?

Tsk Tsk. That’s not cool and is a very serious offence. This will automatically get you banned from dubcandy. This is very different than selling your own product on dubcandy which you are allowed to do – see previous FAQ

Can anyone use dubcandy to make affiliate revenue?

Well almost anybody can. There are certain limitations in our Terms of Service and for certain countries and states in the US where this affiliate program is not available. Currently, you are not allowed to use dubcandy in the following countries: Iran, Syria, North Korea and Afghanistan – and in the following US states under the Amazon.com program: Arkansas, Missouri, Rhode Island, Vermont.

Can I link dubcandy to any website to sell stuff?

Ohhhh now you’re talking. In dubcandy we allow you to generate an embeddable so you can embed dubcandy videos into any website that you control. It’s a great way to extend the number of viewers seeing your great video. Check out our previous FAQ for unsuitable sites.

What if I want to link to another program that I’m an affiliate of?

We’re going to be rapidly expanding the number of sites and partners that we link dubcandy too. Send us an email to support@dubdub.com and we’ll be sure to put it into the hopper for consideration.

Is there a cap on the amount I can make with dubcandy?

Nope. Amazon does have a cap on the percentage of commission they pay but there is no cap on the amount you could earn, except if the commission rate is fixed such as a bounty. Find out more here: https://dubdub.io/commission-schedule/

Keep making awesome interesting videos and the sky is the limit.

How does dubcandy compare to YouTube and other similar sites for content creators who wish to monetize their original content?

Our business model is very different. Instead of pushing pre-roll ads that very few of your viewers will like, with dubcandy you put in front of your viewers quality, authentic and relevant video content that educates them about various products that you like. You then enable them to buy such great products right from your videos and you earn revenue every time one of them makes a purchase! Also, some sites have historically capped the amount of money made available to content creators. We don’t believe in capping your creativity and your commissions.

What do I do if I’m not currently an affiliate marketer?

That’s ok. Part of the benefit of using dubcandy is that we take care of many of those hassles. Make sure you check out our Terms of Service page to ensure you’re registered with us.

How can I track the money I’m making on dubcandy?

Right in the dubcandy app. Go to the MY STATS page and you’ll see just how much money you’ve made. You will see the money that’s available to be withdrawn and the amount pending.

Is it possible that certain sales do not lead to any earnings?

Yes, it may happen sometimes if the transaction is not a “Qualified Purchase” within the meaning of the Amazon Affiliate Program terms of service. The Amazon program is an advertising program and not a discount program. Associates of the affiliate program are not eligible for advertising fees when they place orders themselves, or ask people they know (ex: friends or relatives) to routinely place orders through their links so they can earn advertising fees. Please refer to the Amazon Affiliate Program terms of service for more details as we have no control over what can and cannot be recognized as a qualified purchase under the Amazon Affiliate Program.

When can I withdraw my money from dubcandy?

Amazon has some very particular rules around payment. The app will inform you when your funds can be withdrawn (usually within 60 to 90 days from a sale to take into consideration any potential chargebacks). Some processing fees apply to any withdrawals: https://dubdub.io/payment-processing-fee-schedule

I see an available balance that I can withdraw but the Withdraw feature does not work?

Automated payments are coming very soon. In the meantime, if you would like to withdraw your available balance, contact us, so that we can verify and register your account for a payment method.

Can I use dubcandy if I don’t live in North America or the UK?

Absolutely. The only countries where dubcandy is not available are Iran, Syria, North Korea and Afghanistan.

What happens with returns, chargebacks, customer complaints and the like?

We don’t deal with those, unfortunately (or fortunately?). Those are governed by the Amazon store rules and dealt with by our friends at Amazon.

Can my dubcandy videos be removed?

Yes they can. We review all the dubcandy videos to ensure our users are playing by the rules.

If you have any doubts about the appropriateness of your dubcandy content, check out our Terms of Service page for full details on the “do’s and don’ts”, or contact us at dubcandysupport@dubdub.com.

Can my account be suspended?

Yes it can. We are pretty decent guys but if you engage in poor behavior and in a way that isn’t cool, we may suspend and/or terminate your account and remove your content.

We expect you wouldn’t want that to happen so please review our Terms of Service page for full details.

Remember the dubdub Code of Conduct is pretty simple – obey the golden rule.

What if I get paid to talk about or endorse a product/service?

That is great! However, you have to disclose the fact that you have been paid to talk about or endorse a product / service by adding #sponsored or #ad in your dubcandy video description.

For more information about sponsored and endorsed native content please refer to the FTC’s Endorsement Guides.

Getting Better at dubcandy

Is there any category or type of goods that do better on dubcandy than others?

dubcandy is a brand new product so we are quickly learning stuff like this. We can definitively say that the more informative and interesting you make the videos, the better. Also make sure you’re as accurate as possible when you tag your products – no buyer likes to be surprised.

Trust us, as we learn more about what works better we’ll definitely be sharing it with you.

Do you have any industry averages so I can see how I’m doing versus others?

Not at this time. Definitely something we’re collecting and will share back with our users.

Do you offer any training on getting better at dubcandy?

We will continue to update our training materials and are aggressively creating a slew of materials to help you get better at dubcandy – and at dubsuite too. If you follow us in social – @dubdubstories on FB, Instagram and Twitter – that’s the best way to get up-to-the-minute news on all our apps and all our latest training.

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